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I’ve been away from Grace Church on a couple of Sundays recently, but in case you think I’ve been slacking off …

March 13th

I preached at Westminster Chapel, London – a fantastic Commission Church in the heart of London, surrounded by a city of around 8.5 million people.

Steve Petch at Westminster Chapel - Steve Petch BlogJo came with me and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. While I was preaching someone was running a meeting for new members in another room – definitely a good sign!

I preached on a favourite subject: “Passion for the Church”, just click on the link if you want to listen.

March 20th

I preached at East Beach Evangelical Church, Selsey – another great church, this one based in a seaside location, surrounded by a town of around 10,000 people.

The church has a gifted new leader (go Phil!) and has seen some good recent growth and even had to take a wall down to make space for the extra people. Baptisms are planned and I’m enjoying helping this church build links with Commission.

Again I preached on a favourite subject: “Passion for the Church.”

Love Local Church - Steve Petch Blog

So, why did I pick the same topic for both churches, despite their very different situations? Well, because I believe that the call to love and build the church needs to be heard by every believer in every generation. It transcends our geographical location. To quote Bill Hybels,

“The local church is the hope of the world”

If we are living our life as God intended then it will be unmistakably marked by a passion for the church.

Jesus loves the church

Jesus is building his church

Jesus knows each church individually

Jesus is coming back for his church – his plans for the church will last into eternity


Joy, pain and staying connected @ Grace Church

Grace Church is a multi-site church.

It’s been a joy to launch our new approach for growing Grace Church over the last few years, and to see congregations begin and grow in our two extra locations, Bognor and Midhurst …

… it’s been a joy to connect to people we would never have met if we had just stayed in one location in Chichester …

… it’s been a joy to see many new leaders trained and released to do their thing …

… it’s been a joy to learn and grow along the way …

… but it has been painful to feel less directly connected to every member personally.

I’m aware that in the past I would see everyone who came along each week, even if only in passing, but multisite doesn’t allow for that in the same way. It makes sharing news and life that little bit harder.

Steve Asleep - Steve Blog

Sunday Afternoon

There are lots of things we’re doing as a church that are a fantastic blessing to our community, there are lots of people making faith steps in various ways, there are several exciting things I’m involved with personally in the wider world of Commission … and some of these could go by unnoticed.

For that reason I wanted to start this new blog. My aim is to connect to more people across our church and to let you know what we’re up to – to let the left hand know what the right hand is doing as it were!

So let’s celebrate what God is doing with us as a church family! And if there is something good that I miss along the way then let me know and maybe we’ll get it included.



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