Off to India again!

On Friday this week Jo and I are off to India: a return visit for me; a first time visit for Jo. We would so value your prayers for our trip, and for the kids left at home, and do look out for updates via Twitter and Facebook. I am so pleased that Jo and I get to go out together this time.

Why India?

Our ongoing friendships and connections with India have come about because we are a part of Commission, which now has more works in India than in the UK. John and Mollie, from our Bognor site, lived and served in India some years ago, and they opened some doors of friendship for us that it has been our privilege to push wide open. I have been out to visit in the past, as has David Thompson and also some others. We have a growing number of friendship connections with this incredible country.

Steve Petch Trip to India | Commission | Steve Petch BlogVinu & Julie

Many of you will remember Vinu and Julie coming to us from India at the end of Westpoint last year. Vinu’s time with us helped to reshape our approach to multisite, including moving our Midhurst Sunday meeting to the morning. By the way, in case you missed the news, that site has grown and is now meeting in a new and larger venue each Sunday morning at Rother College.

Sydney & Cheryl

Last October we also had Sydney and Cheryl with us. This wonderful couple blessed us in so many ways, not least their demonstration of some ‘mighty fine’ barn dancing skills. These Indian friendships are so valuable to us!

Steve Petch Trip to India | Commission | Steve Petch Blog

So on this occasion Jo and I are going to Mumbai to spend time with them. We look forward to experiencing some Indian culture, developing further friendships and seeing first hand what is going on with all the various things they do.

The trip is certainly going to be very busy, and I have had to spend time preparing. As well as the usual things you might expect us to be doing there, we will also see their work with children in the slums and with sufferers of Hansen’s disease (Leprosy).

Pray for us

A trip like this to India is a great chance to renew old friendships, to make new ones and to bring them encouragement. We will also undoubtedly learn a lot and be blessed by them in return. Sometimes these trips can be challenging, especially health wise, so do pray for our wellbeing, our fruitfulness and our safe return.

I’ll try to let you know next week how we’re getting on.