On Mission with Commission – come and hear the latest news!

A vision for the season ahead

It’s such a joy for us as a church to be a part of Commission. We have a fantastic vision that we are pursuing in faith together as Commission churches:

“To see THOUSANDS of lives transformed

through HUNDREDS of churches

in TENS of nations

This vision is going to be shaping for us at Grace Church; it will affect what we do together going into the future.


Hopefully you’ve already picked up the news that we have a special meeting planned for Grace Church on the evening of Wednesday 16th November with Guy Miller, who leads the Commission group of churches.guy-miller_600x600

The evening is going to be very significant for us, and will include the sharing of some important news – news that will have IMPACT on us as a church.

Because of this we’ve also taken the unusual step of writing to you personally, so if you’re a church member do look out for a letter in the post. 

We want to encourage everyone to be there in person if they can, to hear everything first hand and to catch a vision for the season ahead.

Where and when

The evening will be at the St Paul’s Church building in Chichester, starting at 7.30pm. There will be a mix of worship, information, teaching and prayer.

Please come ready to listen, to contribute and to pray.

unknownWe will be hugely blessed to have Guy with us for the evening. Additionally John Groves will also be with us. Double the blessings!

John has given a lot of input to our church and our eldership team over several years now – knocking us into shape, asking us important questions, keeping us out of trouble  and many of you will know him already. We have often been blessed on a Sunday with his preaching.

John is one of the elders at Hope Church in Winchester and is also a part of the Commission UK Team. It will be really good to have his input on this occasion too.

What’s it about???

We’ll tell you on the evening – so stop asking! No special previews are available!

It will be great to get this time together as a church – you definitely won’t want to have missed it … so see you there, if not before.


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