Gift Days: week 1 update


As a church we’re in the middle of three significant Sundays: we’re holding Gift Days for people to give and to pledge money to our New Building Project.

Let’s remember what the Building Project is for.:

In September this church will be 139 years old. We’re blessed to own land and a building in the middle of Woking. A previous generation, along with some who are still with us today, had faith for this church and put that faith into action to buy and to build. We now enjoy  the benefit of that.

Coign building - 2018

The current Coign Church building

Sadly the building we have is no longer big enough for us and doesn’t suit our needs, so we’ve made plans to build a new 675 seat chapel. We also want to repurpose the current building for children’s work, youth work, offices and serving the community.

In terms of finance, the project will cost around £4m. We can borrow around £2m of that, and we already have around £0.5m. So we need to raise £1.5m.

Remember, we’re not building a monument; this is about enabling us to be more effective in our mission to reach this town, and further afield, with the good news of Jesus. This is all about mission.

Last week was week 1 of our gift days, and you may be wondering how we did. If so, here is a one minute video update to excite you for this Sunday

The video should be visible above, if it’s not then please click here to view it. Its the one titled, “Our First Gift Day”


4 thoughts on “Gift Days: week 1 update

  1. This note is from David Dennington Senior. You need to know that old friends of the Coign want info and a brochure of your plans. Like churches which have been planted from the Coign I.e. Newquay,Basingstoke, Camberley, Farnham, Chertsey, Auckland, Wellington, Durham, ( 2 ). Holland B and R. Swiss – Basle. Kingfield was of course a daughter church of Woking Baptist Church. The Coign put substantial monies into Kerith. Bracknell. This is not begging……This is … You will be interested to know that…. It is wider family news. Where there is history. Regards DD…SNR.

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  2. Parable of the talents really got me thinking. The 3 servants were chosen for their abilities. God is aware of our abilities and uses them yet He wants us to participate.
    What are our abilities now?
    What is our potential?
    These are the 2 questions every Christian should be asking themselves and God in prayer.
    God meets us at our current abilities and wants us to believe our potential in Him is endless. We may be a 2 talent person now then we move on to be a 5 talent person, rulers over a few things and potentially rulers over many things.
    There is a process to progress with God.
    What then is many things?
    God knows and I want to be the servant who finds out don’t you?
    Thanks Steve for those encouraging words and I thought to encourage you with a word from the scripture_ you are a man filled with the Spirit of God.
    Regards Steven Page.

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