Covid-19: Facing Our Fear and Our Disappointment

At Welcome Church we’ve just had our first online Sunday. What a different experience it was!

The message I spoke was about handling our fear at this time. I looked at David and Goliath and what we can learn from that story about our need for a saviour to stand in our place.

You can watch it here:

We hosted the video as a watch party on our Facebook page so people could all watch it together at one time. Don’t forget to join us for that at 10am next week on the Facebook page.


Welcome Kids was also on line. They will go live at 9am again next Sunday. Be online and ready to go if you want to enjoy the full experience.

Here is a link to the talk that formed part of their time together:

And here is the craft they did:

Some Encouragement

Each day at 4pm, Monday to Saturday, we are posting Daily Encouragement videos. You can find all of them by clicking here.

Yesterday’s was about dealing with our disappointments. I’ve posted that here in case you missed it:

Finally if you want to know how to stay connected with us throughout this unusual time in our lives, here’s a link that will tell you all that you need to know



2 thoughts on “Covid-19: Facing Our Fear and Our Disappointment

  1. Steve, we have been so blessed by your words of encouragement and
    Sunday morning preach. Great tools to pass on to our Carers and friends.
    Bless you and yours and keep safe, Pat & Brian Checksfield.

    • Hello Brian and Pat
      Thank you so much for your lovely encouragement. It’s so nice of you to let me know. I really appreciate it.
      I hope you are both as well as can be under the circumstances. What strange times we are living through! Do keep in touch and let me know how you are. And also if we can pray for you.
      Loads of love and blessings to you both. Steve and Jo

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