20:20 Vision

It’s currently my privilege to be a part of Guy Miller’s “UK Hub Team” for the Commission Group of churches. This means that as well as having the opportunity to give support to the leadership teams of some Commission churches in our area, I also attend the UK Team meetings.

I was in Bournemouth for two team days recently and it was exciting to look at ways to move forward with our 20:20 Vision for our UK Churches. It’s a privilege to meet with such a gifted team, and Guy incorporated in a few newer faces for the second day too. There is some really excellent stuff going on at the moment: church plants, church adoptions, new multisites. Commission is on the move!

Our UK goals?

  • 100 churches in the UK by the end of 2020
  • 1000 baptisms between now and then

This will happen through the different contributions of many different people, applying their various gifts, as Jesus directs us.

Personal contribution:

Outside of the prayer times, my personal contribution to the two days consisted mainly of:

Malcolm Kayes - Steve Petch Blog

Malcolm Kayes, leader of the Coign Church, Woking – a Commission Church

  • Drinking too much tea
  • Debating with Malcolm Kayes (pictured!) who’s wisdom and experience is a joy to be around
  • Making a profound over-statement (Jo has warned me about this sort of behaviour before – maybe more than once)
  • Apologising for making a profound over-statement
  • Explaining what I really meant by my profound over-statement
  • Drinking more tea

It’s a good job our progress is not going to depend on me … although I have no doubt that Grace Church will have a continuing part to play.

With that in mind, let’s all get involved … and if you haven’t booked in for Westpoint 2016 yet, click on the link to find out what it is and why you should be there (*tip* turn your sound on!)

Westpoint is always a great chance to have fun all together which is so good for us as a multisite church, and it gets us to connect into the wider world of Commission which is our family of churches.