You CAN handle the truth!

I had coffee with a friend this week who leads an evangelical church not far away from us. He told me the story of how the floor of their church building collapsed: it was a wooden floor (late 1800’s) and it literally gave way. By God’s grace no one was hurt and they now have a solid concrete floor that isn’t going anywhere.

I also spoke to a friend this week who is the lead elder in a church also not far away from us. He told me the story of how his kitchen ceiling collapsed. It missed his wife by about an inch, but destroyed two computers that were sat on the table. They had sat underneath for dinner with friends the evening before, but again, by God’s grace, no one was hurt and repairs will be done.

We don’t tend to think about the floor or the ceiling much, we assume that they are there, but clearly solid foundations and ceilings could mean the difference between life and death.

What is the truth?

Church is Pillar and Foundation of the Truth - Steve Petch Blog

1 Tim 3 v 15 tells us that the church is,

“…the pillar and foundation of the truth.”

That means we have a job to do as a church: we need to be telling people the truth with our words and demonstrating it to them by how we live.

We need to “hold up” the truth as a pillar holds up a ceiling.

We need to build our church life in such a way that the truth finds a firm foundation to rest on.

Pilate asked Jesus that question at his trial, but sadly neglected to stay and hear the answer:

  • Jesus is the truth (John 14 v 6) – Let’s not be shy to tell people about him!
  • God’s word is truth (John 17 v 17) – Let’s not be shy to preach the Bible to a truth starved world!

Help with the truth @ Grace Church:

To help with all this we have arranged for a training day with some speakers from Ravi Zacharius Ministries on Saturday 4th June. We’ll be looking at “Handling The Main Objections to Christianity

Exact details are TBC, but reserve the whole day in your diary now! (Admission will be by ticket only)

Let’s learn together to be that pillar and foundation of truth, careful not to let our floor or ceiling give way, after all – it could mean the difference between life and death.

And to those new age thinkers who say, “There is no such thing as truth”, we must ask in reply, “Really? Do you believe your statement to be true?”