“Welcome Church Goes Around The World” Reaches Eastern Asia In 3 Weeks! Dub Everitt to have Lockdown Haircut by seven year old! Read all about it here!

We’re now halfway through our “Welcome Church goes Around the World” challenge: 3 weeks in, 3 weeks to go.

The aim is to travel 24,901 miles (the circumference of the globe) in 6-weeks, and we’re AHEAD OF SCHEDULE – 13,704 miles travelled in the first 3 weeks! We’ve now reached Magadan on the eastern border of Russia.

Check out our update video here with Ellianora from Magadan giving us a personal encouragement:

We’re aiming to raise £1 per mile, a total of £24,901 for Your Sanctuary. We’ve reached over £8,000 so far, which is amazing, but would love to see this figure grow and grow so we can raise as much as possible to support the work Your Sanctuary are doing in supporting survivors of domestic abuse.

So … we would love you to Become a Team Member & ask friends & family to personally sponsor you!

It’s amazing the difference someone being able to personally sponsor you makes. By clicking on this link below, you can become a team member 

When you join the team, you can share a direct link for people to click on and invite friends, family and colleagues to personally sponsor you!

If 100 of us were team members and each raised £100, we could add £10,000 to our fundraising this week!

If 100 of us raised £200 each, we would add £20,000 and beat our target!

So, please do join the team and then invite others to sponsor you.

One more thing:


Mike Reid & Eugene Engelbrecht (two of elders here at Welcome Church) have both offered to give £100 to our Your Sanctuary appeal if Dub allows his 7-year-old Will to cut his hair! Others have quickly joined in and pledges have already reached £500!

Dub has agreed for this to happen live on Facebook at 5.30pm this Thursday if pledges reach £1,000. Click on this video link to find out more

Let’s not miss this great opportunity to have Dub’s locks sheared off for Your Sanctuary!

Click here to donate on GoFundMe or click here to comment and pledge


Domestic Violence: Helping Victims, Getting Fit

During Lockdown incidences of Domestic Violence have risen at the same time as charitable giving has fallen , so we’re raising money for Your Sanctuary, a Woking based charity who help victims of domestic violence and their families.

Our Fund Raiser is off to a good start with around £1,500 being raised already and a distance of over 1000 miles being covered so far (which takes us across Holland and Germany and to the far side of Poland …)

We will post distance updates and photos on our Welcome Church social media accounts each weekend, so do look out for those.

You can check out the details of our ambitious plan by clicking here or reading this recent blog. People have been joining in by running, walking, cycling, scooting and even roller skating. However you get about, as long as it’s under your own steam, you’re welcome to join in.

We’ve started a Strava Club too – (“Welcome Church Goes Around The World”). You’re welcome to join that and help us rack up the miles. Why not see if you can top the leader board?

However long or short your daily exercise, every distance counts. We want everyone to join in, whatever their age or fitness level. Don’t forget to submit your distances by emailing them to aroundtheworld@allwelcome.uk.  We don’t mind if it’s in miles, kilometres, yards, centimetres, cubits, stadia, furlongs, fathoms or leagues – we will convert it and add it all up.

Let’s have fun doing this together and let’s give generously to make a real difference. This fun video will tell you more: